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You Can Now Buy CBD Oil-Infused Candles, and They're Gorgeous

But do they really help you relax? Two editors try them out.

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This LG freezer makes large batches of ice balls. This LG Freezer Makes the Absolute Best Ice for Cocktails

Yes, there's a "best" kind of ice, and this is it. Promise.

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monstera plant snake plant and parlor palm from the sill You'll Never Kill Another Plant Thanks to The Sill's New Virtual Appointments

You're just 15 minutes away from having a green thumb.

image How to Pick the Right Garden Edging

It's the easiest way to boost your curb appeal.

Pottery Barn Rachel Zoe Collection - Rachel Zoe Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen Here’s Your First Look at Rachel Zoe’s Collections for Pottery Barn Kids & Teen

That matte black kid's car is cooler than my actual car.

halloween house pumpkin This West Virginia House Is Decorated With 3,000 Pumpkins Every Halloween

There's a cool meaning behind the 3,000 gourds, too.

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Green plants and art books on parquet floor, Nancy, France 12 Awesome Places to Buy Your Favorite Plants Online

From air plants to fiddle leaf figs.

Get Your Home Ready For Fall 9 Things You Should Do to Your Home Before Fall Starts

Only read this if you're interested in saving money.

Australia Real Estate 1856 Bluestone House - 10 Melory Crescent, Magill, SA 5072 The Surprise "Guests" in This Real Estate Listing Will Make Your Day

It's clear the owner has a sense of humor.

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