Danielle Tullo

Danielle Tullo

Senior Lifestyle Editor

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6 Places Germs Are Hiding In Your House

This coffee maker news is HEARTBREAKING.

This Salem Home Store Is Like West Elm for Witches

Erica Feldmann is the Head Witch In Charge at the coolest with shop in Salem.

The 10 Most Popular Pumpkin Candles, Ranked

FYI, it's not fall without this #1 ranked candle.

scream house
What It's Really Like Inside The 'Scream' House

It's nearly identical to how you remember it.

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4 Ingenious Secrets To Keeping Plants Alive—And Thriving

Stop wondering whether today's the day your fiddle leaf will die.

You Won't Believe What This Kitchen Looks Like Now

With the help of new windows and IKEA countertops, its transformation is insane.

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This Felt Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Nearly Identical To the Real Thing

People are just as obsessed with it as the real PSL.

gallery art wall
This No-Nail Gallery Wall Is the Easiest Thing You Can Do

All you need are some Command Strips and stage frame clips.

How To Spot A Genuine Eames Chair

There are lots of dupes out there, but there are only two places you can find the real deal.

Genevieve Gorder and Christian Dunbar
Everything You Need to Know About Genevieve Gorder's Dreamy Moroccan Wedding

All of the desert wedding inspiration you will ever need.

Your Next D.I.Wine Night Is Planned, and You're Making Rock Vases

You haven't lived until you've sipped on wine and made a vase out of a Pringles can, OK?

This Is How Some Of The World's Most Productive Offices Are Designed

You might not think about your overhead lighting situation, but you should.

What All Of The Royal Family Homes Really Look Like

One of the estates sits on 19,000 acres. Another has 78 bathrooms.

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