These DIY Halloween Decorations Will Make Your House Seriously Spooky

You'll have the most BOOtiful house on the block.

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Decorating for the holidays adds up quickly, so you may be tempted to skip out on Halloween in favor of buying all the string lights, garlands, and Santa-themed everything for Christmas. But hold up, because getting your spook on doesn't have to cost a ton. We've rounded up some DIY decorating ideas that are so easy, a ghoul could do them. Plus, get more great Halloween crafts!

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halloween pennant banner
Danielle Occhiogrosso
Hang A Banner

Skip the traditional orange decor in lieu of another hue (millennial pink, obvs) and the result is insanely chic. Round out the fireplace with a DIY pennant spelling out "Happy Halloween"—or another message from beyond the grave.

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casa watkins living
Display A Jar

Fill an apothecary jar with bright orange leaves—or if you're really feeling generous, Halloween candy!

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halloween entryway decorating idea
Brian Woodcock
Add Shadows

Start your party decorations at your entry way. Thanks to glue dots, eerie silhouettes can greet guests when they first walk in.

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James Baigrie
Fill Up The Hearth

Who says jack-o-lanterns are only for the porch?! Group plain and painted pumpkins in the fireplace for a festive living room display.

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Matthew Benson
Recycle Picture Frames

Fall foliage looks much sleeker on your door than it does scattered across the lawn. This wreath's changes up an otherwise traditional fall decoration.

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Raymond Hom
Try A Pumpkin Vase

There's a secret to this squash centerpiece: Hollow out the gourd, then hide a water-filled vase inside for long-lasting blooms. Stud mini pumpkins with brass tacks for an extra pop.

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Michael Partenio
Light Up Your Porch

Pave the way for trick-or-treaters with a set of planters modeled after the falling leaves. Follow the free template for idiot-proof carving.

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Kate Mathis
Brew Some Potions

Vintage apothecary bottles serve double-duty as vases for dried blooms.

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Erin Phraner
Weave A Spider's Web

Wrap up your own Halloween wreath with black yarn and add some creepy creatures for extra spook.

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Between Naps On the Porch
Make Bats Fly

This is the super easy way to keep your frenemies out of your house without looking like a witch with a B.

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Handmade Mood
Stack Odds and Ends

Draw the eye up on your fireplace mantel by decorating with themed objects, like broomsticks and witches hats.

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Joyful Scribblings
Hang Jack-O-Lanterns

Play a trick on your guest's eyes by dangling from a .

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Julie Blanner
Repurpose a Skull

They're way less scary when you top them with a flower or plant.

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Design Improvised
Line Up The Spiders

Frankly, spiders are only welcome around the house when they're in the form of an adorable, fuzzy garland.

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Anna & Blue
Go Dark.

This purple and black vignette is just as spooky as orange and black, and way more unexpected.

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Courtesy of Home Is Where The Boat Is
Dress Up a Basic Tablecloth

A adds a country-chic look to an outdoor Halloween party.

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Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess
Display Lacey Ghosts

This is probably the chicest a ghost has ever looked. Bonus: They're super easy to make!

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Lauren Kelp
Mix Candlesticks & Pumpkins.

A tablescape filled with colorful gourds and looks even more vibrant when placed in front of an all-white background.

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Jolly Mom
Light Up Your Stairs

Cover cans in a bit of black paint and poke holes to create a message fit for your Halloween-loving house guests.

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Jennifer Perkins
Use Paper Lanterns.

These big spheres take your porch to the next level for Halloween.

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House By Huff
Repurpose Vintage Records

Have some vintage records with orange labels? They're perfect for October 31st.

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Heather Hess
Even Out the Creepy Stuff

To find a balance between glam and gore, contain in a glass jar next to some glittery pumpkins.

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