You've Got To See What The Cast Of Hocus Pocus Looks Like Today

Check this out while you binge-watch from your couch.

Hocus Pocus Movie
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If there's one movie that defines Halloween for our generation, it's Hocus Pocus, obviously. Its popularity is almost cult-like, and it doesn't matter how many times you watch it on Freeform, it literally never gets old. (As evidenced by the thousands of people who saved .) So we know we aren't alone in freaking out over the fact that the for the 25th anniversary of the film, and now all we can think about is how we still don't have a sequel in our lives.

The kids from the film—Max, Allison, Dani, and more—got together at the 25th anniversary party for the film at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and you won't believe what they look like all grown up.

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Larry Bagby and Tobias Jelinek (who played Jay and Ice) got back into cages to truly recreate the Hocus Pocus magic. And yeah, that's definitely Vanessa Hudgens selfie-ing with them. Tubular!

Allison, played by Vinessa Shaw, went totally glam for the bash:

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Eat your heart out, Max. And wait until you see Dani (Thora Birch) all grown up.

But the best one has got to be this cast selfie with Dani, Allison, and Max (Omri Katz).

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All. The. Feels. OK, one more to make you really emotional.

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Don't worry—not only does more than 20 times this month, the network will also be airing the anniversary party, complete with cast interviews, on .

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